Project Profile: Candidates Questionnaire

STATUS: Complete


The candidates questionnaire asked the three major candidates running for mayor of Providence, RI, to respond to specific questions in five areas related to open data and open government. All three candidates responded, and Code Island published the results on October 22.

This project is somewhat different from most other Code Island projects in that it does not create an application or visualization based on existing data but instead creates a new dataset—the candidates responses. Nor did we develop an application through which the candidates could respond, instead using existing tools. It is possible that the brigade will create a dedicated app for future candidates questionnaires.


Shawn Selleck, Project Lead—Shawn envisioned this project from the beginning and crafted the questions around the specific issues facing Providence. Shawn also facilitated the delivery to the candidates and followed up to secure the responses. He was pretty much a one-man army on this one.

Danny Chapman, Webpage Development—Danny put together the web pages that display both the questionnaire and the responses. This work occurred before the creation of this site, so the style is a little different.