Code Island Projects

Code Island is working on many projects simultaneously. The most prominent or advanced include:

Budget Visualization

STATUS: Version 1.0 released as beta

A way for people to see state-level expenditures expressed at the “checkbook” level, organized by area of impact (i.e., transportation, education, environment), as opposed to source of funding (i.e., Dept. of Admin, Dept. of Env. Man., Dept. of Trans.).

Green and Healthy Homes Initiative

STATUS: Launched

GHHI is a collaboration amongst the RI environmental community and students at Brown University to aggregate location-specific information on real estate in Providence and Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Google Trekker Project

STATUS: Ongoing

We are working with Google to get one of their Trekker backpacks to document some of the great parts of Rhode Island that are not accessible by car. Know where we should take it? Get in touch.


STATUS: Ongoing

Balance is an application that allows you to check your EBT (SNAP, etc.) balance with a text message. This is a Code for America project that we are spinning up here in Rhode Island.

Candidates Questionnaire

STATUS: Complete

We wanted to get the 2014 Providence mayoral candidates on the record about how they would approach and prioritize issues of open data and open government, so we sent this questionnaire to the three major candidates. All three responded! Our top-line takeaway is that these issues are now at the level that candidates for elected office must be able to speak to them in a specific way.

Rhode Island Community Wiki

STATUS: Ongoing

Created as part of the Local Wiki project, the RI Local Wiki allows anybody to create a web page about anything Rhode Island.

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