Join the brigade!

We meet roughly twice a month in the Brown TRI-Lab at 10 Davol Square. There is a parking lot behind the building and usually plentiful on-street parking. There is also a nice bike rack.

Tell us about yourself by filling out our Google form.

Do Good

Use technology to create real solutions for problems facing our community in RI and, potentially, people across the country and around the world.


Meet and collaborate with some of the brightest local minds — folks with an incredibly diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and skills.


Get hands-on experience working in new languages and frameworks, make peer-reviewed code contributions, or just brainstorm ideas with us.

Eat Pizza

Pizza is good. You should probably eat more of it.

Contributing Members

Everyone, no matter their skills or interests, is invited to participate and contribute. If you would like to be listed here, contact Ryan Kelley to become a member of the Code Island organization on Github, and then change your membership from private to public.

Code Islanders


    Ryan Kelly, Captain Ryan is an Interdepartmental Project Manager @RI_ODE. Working to make things cool, useful, and open.

    Alex Taylor, Co-Captain Alex is a UX & visual designer, compenent front-end developer, and occaisional trainer with a passion for making things better than they were. These days those things are mostly web-apps.

    Shawn Selleck, Community Organizer Shawn is an civic innovation consultant to the City of Providence, directly working to make public data accessible to the public

    Thom Guertin, Government Liaison Thom is Rhode Island’s Chief Digital Officer, leading RI’s Office of Digital Excellence; he helps Code Island gain access to data from state-level agencies