May 2015 Meetup Review
May 18 2015

May Meetup with Aquidneck Island Guests

In preparation for our National Day of Civic Hacking event at the State House on June 6th, we met with some hackers from Aquidneck Island who were also planning an event on June 6th. We explored how we could combine the events.Through collaboration our #HackforChange event is going statewide. Find out more about the multi-site event at

Our Aquidneck Island guests, left to right: Mike Cullen, Tom Kowalczyk, Ron Corriveau

Our Aquidneck Island guests, left to right: Mike Cullen, Tom Kowalczyk, Ron Corriveau

The Plan

Our event is only from 8am to 2pm at the State House, while the Middletown event runs from Saturday night through Sunday. Our project is to try to complete the Local Digital Services Census for all 39 cities and towns in Rhode Island. The Aquidneck Island group is looking to build an app that could improve on the existing Nation of Makers Map, adding layers that connect makers and spaces within networks.

Our plan is to combine our resources and work on both projects. We’re going to find some transportation options to bring some of the Middletown people up to Providence to work at the State House, then we’ll bring some of the Code Island people down to Middletown for the overnight session. We’ll likely use Google hangouts to stay connected while both locations are running.

The Local Digital Services Census aims to survey the quality and usability of the 10 most-searched for city services. The output list is forked from the Open Data Census. But the digital services listed in this project are more focused on the kinds of basic services to which citizens need access.

It also aggregates the specific links to those resources, and that’s a useful feature.

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